Stephen E. Stark

With close to 35 years of professional experience, Stephen has served as an investment banker with three regional NASD member firms, as a founding director of a equities research department, and as a business consultant and financial advisor to numerous early stage technology, consumer product, medical device, Internet, B2B, B2C and SaaS companies.

Stephen has an extensive background in real estate market analysis, finance and development with previous engagements throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Projects have ranged in all sectors including multifamily, residential, office, warehouse, hotel, restaurant, retail, entertainment, golf and equestrian resort community assignments.

Stephen was born in the bucolic city of Norwich in Central New York. Upon graduation from High School he attended Syracuse University in Aerospace Engineering and received a BS in Environmental Technology from the State University of New York. As part of his studies he developed a theoretical framework for understanding the human/environment system known as the Psycho/Social Vector Model. Stephen continued his studies and received a MA from the State University of New York in Urban Planning. In his published thesis he examined the ethical basis for Environmental Stewardship and concentrated on real estate finance and future studies.

Stephen has been married to Roxanne for 33 years and has three children, one son-in-law and he and his wife have served as a foster parents. Stephen loves to bike, hike, explore, play tennis, cook, entertain and read. He is involved in his local church, is a fledgling author, a digital artist and a confirmed futurist who believes in the great potential in everyone.

Rod Weiss

With broad diversity of experience reporting to numerous senior-level executives, Rod Weiss serves as Chief-of-Staff (CoS) for C-Suite executives like Stephen Stark. Rod seeks out business leaders with big-picture vision requiring strategic progress planning needed to create dramatic new changes in business models, and important quality-of-life and care improvements. Rod enjoys influencing to unite and focus large numbers of diverse stakeholders toward progress using advanced communication techniques. After broadly serving in technology sales, marketing, public relations, product, program, and project management roles, Rod feels the role of CoS offers unique opportunities to build relationships and influence as a former high-tech recruiter and HR leader. CoS is all about juggling competing priorities and serving as proxy for the C-suite leader, serving as the prominent constant communicator needed to free-up the business leader to achieve other critical executive outcomes. Through past success getting results with boards, investors, and the whole ecosystem of vendors, often including press, officials or regulators, Rod is prepared to offer significant goal achievement success to Posit Development.

For 25 years, Rod led national and international teams creating change through digital transformation of industries such as: Transportation, Retail, Education, Construction, Law Enforcement, and Healthcare.

  • Led the world’s first vehicle-based PC’s to increase efficiency and safety of airports and utilities
  • Conceptualized an online staff recruitment model for sourcing quality team talent worldwide
  • Innovated and delivered the first Java-based (media-rich) SAAS online skill assessment platform
  • Reporting to the global chairman of a global HR services enterprise in 13 countries, Rod volunteered and led a taskforce to Beijing to explore opening new business with mainland China
  • Volunteered, in behalf of the Global Chairman to join the Board of Trustees for WGU, the first competency-based online University, today’s reigning leader in online MBA’s
  • While managing a national sales force for a global business productivity leader, Rod volunteered to conduct weekly online global sales training webinars to thousands of staff via desktop conferencing achieving unity and uniformity of global staff sales training in 9 countries
  • Reporting to the COO, Rod became project lead for delivering the first encrypted smartphone-centric ecosystem, enabling Boeing to win the Federal 3.6B Baggage Screener Training contract

    • Rod received Boeing and Siemens awards for contract risk mitigation and completion by deadline under-budget, by compressed timeframes, in spite of severe public criticism and media pressure. Over 22,000+ TSA agents were trained in 400 US Airports.
    • Rod’s team success in ultimately protecting the US air travel industry, was also published by DHS as the largest workforce mobilization program in recent US history

  • Improved online service and revenue from new ecosystems for CEO of a large construction firm
  • Reporting to VP of Sales, introduced large healthcare clinics to the first “silent hospital” clinical informatics systems improving patient care and facility operations with partner Mayo Clinic
  • While reporting directly to several university presidents, led development of critical extracurricular initiatives to prepare military and college students for lucrative jobs in robotics, electric vehicles, cleantech, energy sustainability, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Rod partnered with business executives and IBM forming a taskforce and professional network to pilot AI-enabled educational models to serving the technology and military community
  • As Chief-of-Staff to the chief science officer (CSO) Rod successfully launched in 2014 an experiential project-based innovation institute (building/testing autonomous vehicles, robotics and drones) enabling new efficiencies in healthcare, agriculture, oceanography, and healthcare.
  • Orchestrated media-rich events, workshops and conferences partnering with NBC to introduce 1000+ Comic-Con attendees in a field-test of new VR content to benefit Therapeutic Medicine   

Ami L. Alderman, Ph.D.

With over 20 years of experience in numerous leadership roles, Ami possesses both the qualifications and passion that are necessary to move any organization forward. She believes n a hybrid leadership style that is adaptive and captures the strengths of both servant and transformational leadership. Her passion is to make an immediate impact by forging relationships and partnering with all stakeholders to support the mission of the organization.

Ami has extensive knowledge in Website development, Security Issues, Organizational Development, Training, Corporate Culture, Administration, Staffing, Conflict Resolution, as well as Policy, Procedures and Protocol Development. Ami also has years of experience with Client Resume Building as well as Strategic System-Building of Organizations.

Ami pursued her Ph.D. in Curriculum Development and Instruction from the University at Buffalo with her focus towards Organizational Leadership from Canisius College. While serving in the United States Air Force as a Security Police Officer, Ami was able to hone her skills of leadership, organization, drive and passion to always help others and uses those lifelong skills in her career to this day. She believes in the power of empowerment of others and works each and every day to help people empower themselves to meet their highest potential.