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Consult with us when founding your own company

Start-ups, early-stage and established young companies all have their unique impediments to growth and sustainable success. POSIT Development Group's consultants and advisors are available to assist you with overcoming these challenges. With our expertise and guidance, you will be able to maximize your efforts and develop a strategy and a formula for your company's future.

You can learn a lot by speaking to our business consulting practice. Whether you're involved in early stage technology, medical devices, consumer products or real estate, you can come to us for the knowledge and background in business that would benefit your company.

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Improve the upward trajectory of your business model

Running a business is a lot more complex than you might expect. Once you know how to develop your company, though, you'll start flourishing. Those who can benefit from our skills are:


  • Inventors and entrepreneurs
  • Startup companies
  • Managers training their teams
  • Sales professionals







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Why should you consult POSIT Development Group?

No matter what industry you work in, you can gain a lot from us. We consult with all kinds of business owners across a wide spectrum of practices. Since 2003, we have used our expertise to help people grow their businesses and add to their knowledge base.

Because we aren't a large firm, we're able to offer a personal touch. We'll work closely with you to determine the best course of action.

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