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People who lose an organ or limb have to navigate life in a completely different way than what they're used to. Medical technicians and inventors can make life easier for them, but only if that technology gets to the people who need it. POSIT Development Group, LLC helps you get the word out about your medical device.

We've worked with people who created artificial lungs and artificial retinas. By reaching out to hospitals and other organizations, you can build a broad consumer base for your creation.

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Discover the most effective way to share your idea with the world

Marketing is an important aspect of all businesses. Health communications requires a somewhat different skillset than other industries. You need to know how to appeal to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. You may also need to know how to reach consumers so they can bring your product up with their doctors.

We'll help you spread the word to:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Private practice doctors
  • Medical conferences

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