Ami L. Alderman, Ph.D.

With over 20 years of experience in numerous leadership roles, Ami possesses both the qualifications and passion that are necessary to move any organization forward. She believes n a hybrid leadership style that is adaptive and captures the strengths of both servant and transformational leadership. Her passion is to make an immediate impact by forging relationships and partnering with all stakeholders to support the mission of the organization.

Ami has extensive knowledge in Website development, Security Issues, Organizational Development, Training, Corporate Culture, Administration, Staffing, Conflict Resolution, as well as Policy, Procedures and Protocol Development. Ami also has years of experience with Client Resume Building as well as Strategic System-Building of Organizations.

Ami pursued her Ph.D. in Curriculum Development and Instruction from the University at Buffalo with her focus towards Organizational Leadership from Canisius College. While serving in the United States Air Force as a Security Police Officer, Ami was able to hone her skills of leadership, organization, drive and passion to always help others and uses those lifelong skills in her career to this day. She believes in the power of empowerment of others and works each and every day to help people empower themselves to meet their highest potential.